Any Stanford student can become a member of Russian-speaking Student Association. Everybody who is subscribed to russian-speaking-members@lists.stanford.edu is a member! It is that easy.

Only active Stanford students are accepted as members. Be sure to use @stanford.edu or similar email when you subscribe to the list.

You may use this email or facebook chat to contact RSA team.

If you’re no longer a Stanford student, but you would like to get notifications about our events you may want to subscribe to our general mailing list (non-members only) or follow our facebook page.

You can join our telegram channel using this link. You would have to be approved by one of the admins, we only add real people affiliated with Stanford.

Yes, friends of RSA are welcome to our events. However, guests are usually asked to bring some food/drinks for the shared table (in a style of potluck).

We would love to help you to organize an event. Please contact current RSA team and share your ideas.

Facebook page is open to everyone, we use it to share information about our events with general public. Facebook group is private, only people affiliated with Stanford are accepted to the group. We use to share information and media files between members.