What? When? Where?

Team trivia, where logic is more important then knowledge

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Date: October, 2022

Host: Jim “DjWizard” Dukhovny

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About the game

“What? When? Where?” is not your usual vanilla trivia game, that simply tests your knowledge on a given subject. “WWW” is the game of logic and imagination, the questions in the game are puzzles that require out-of-the-box thinking and team work to solve them. They are often based on pictures, music samples or physical objects, sometimes players are asked to demonstrate something or interact with on object to provide an answer. And on special occasions, players may gamble the points they have earned thought the game to win the game! So it is never boring to play and quite spectacular to watch (you may find some question examples on the wikipedia page).

Game rules

  • Game is played by the teams of 6 people (or less).
  • Typically game has 3 rounds of 12 questions. Team that answers the largest number questions wins.
  • Team is allowed 1 minute to discuss the question. When the minute is over, captain hands over the answer.

*Special questions and additional rules are often introduced to spice up the game.


  1. Can we have more than 6 players in our team?
    • Typically “What? When? Where?” trivia is played by teams of 6 people or less. Since our games are not for rating, we occasionally allow slightly larger teams. On the other hand, if your team is very small, we may ask you to merge with another team to conserve venue space.
  2. I do not have a team but I want to play. What do I do?
    • Stanford students are welcome to come to our games without the team. We will do our best to find the spot for you.
  3. Can non-Stanford student attend the game?
    • Our events are for Stanford students and their friends only. We allow having non-Stanford team members, but we do not tolerate purely non-Stanford teams.

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Photo archive

2021-2022 Season Scoreboard

Team NameNovFebAprRatingTotal Score
NFT (Need For Trivia)85919.922
Jelly Rogers55917.519
The Works5101415
The Higgs Bozo6711.813
59 seconds6611.412
Big Lettuce515.56
26 lemons65.46
Avatar 2555
Fifth donkeyman of apocalypse555
Yer a quizzard Harry555
Early Birds64.86
et al54.55
Bring Back Jeopardy21.82
A Very Serious Team10.91
Group of Pandas10.91