RSA team 2021-2022


David Saykin


From: Kazan, Russia

Alma-mater: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

David is a PhD student. On his typical day in the lab, he spends thousands of dollars of his advisor’s money on liquid helium to bring pieces of metal to a very cold temperatures in order to study the mysterious phenomena of condensed matter physics.

David enjoys playing volleyball, participating in trivia games, and losing money on a stock market. His most useless skills include being a movie buff and playin a guitar without having a voice.


Dima Skvortsov

From: Moscow, Russia


Dima is great at communicating with people, that is why he is responsible for the outreach of our organization.

Financial Officer:

Georgy Kalashnov


From: Moscow, Russia

Alma-mater: Moscow State University

Gosha is friendly and open-minded guy that helps us all stay sane.